Thermofoil Covered Doors

Thermofoil doors and drawer fronts are single piece, manufactured from high quality MDF computer routed to a selected profile. Thermofoil, a vinyl-like material, is applied to the face and edges using heat, pressure and adhesive to produce a prefinished, easy-care door. Custom made to your sizes for kitchen, bath and other projects. Drilling for concealed euro hinges is now available.

How to price and order custom cabinet doors.

Thermofoil Door Designs
Each thermofoil cabinet door with a raised panel profile is available in three designs - square, arch or cathedral.

The choice of square, arch or cathedral design does not affect the price.

How to price and order custom cabinet doors.

Profiles for Thermofoil
Over 20 series of thermofoil cabinet doors and fronts. Each series has a different profile which defines the panel, rails and edge.

The details for each profile can be seen by clicking on the images below.

How to price and order custom cabinet doors.

Drawer Fronts
Drawer Fronts (‏2)
Thermofoil cabinet drawer fronts can be made as flat slab with an edge profile or routed with a profile using reduced width rails to match your doors.

For woodgrain patterns, the grain will run in the horizontal direction. Grain running vertically, the same as doors, is available on request.

How to price and order custom cabinet doors.

Doors for Glass

Glass doors are offered in all thermofoil series as either frame only or with mullions for 4, 6, 8 or 10 lites, routed to accept a single piece of glass (not included).


How to price and order custom cabinet doors.

Thermofoil Finishes
There are over twenty thermofoil finishes available for your custom made cabinet doors including whites and many simulated woodgrains.

Most of the choices can be supplied with door backs which are either matching or blended (a close but not exact match). But there are some limitations for the 10200 and 10300 series.

A sample color set can be ordered below for a nominal charge which is refundable upon its return in good condition.

Drilling (‏0)
Optional drilling for concealed euro style hinges with our custom cabinet doors, suitable for our standard or compact hinges.

We drill for the 35mm cup hole only (the screw/dowel position varies by make of hinge). Two drilling options are available:
- 5mm gap from edge of door to edge of cup hole, for most full size hinges
- 2.5mm gap from edge of door to edge of cup hole, for most compact hinges

The holes will be drilled at 3" from the top/bottom of the door to the center of the cup hole.

Sorry - but no variations are possible!

Glazed Thermofoils

We now offer an applied glaze on selected thermofoil finishes for cabinets with a distinctive, two-tone look.


Their are 5 specific glaze combinations offered:

  • Dark Walnut with Ebony Glaze
  • Natural Walnut with Cocoa Glaze
  • Secret Maple with Coffee Cream Glaze
  • Summerflame with Ebony Glaze
  • White Lacquer with Coffee Cream Glaze


These glazes are available on series 4000, 7000 and 9100 series only. Matching glazed accessories & mouldings are also available.

Sorry - no variations are possible!


Thermofoil Mouldings
Complete your project with a variety of thermofoil mouldings and trim available to match your thermofoil cabinet doors.


How to price and order custom cabinet doors.

Panels & Fillers
To assist in covering all exposed cabinet surfaces, we offer a range of items including panels, fillers and sheet thermofoil to match your themofoil doors..

When designing a project using thermofoils, it is important to account for all visible surfaces and obtain a thermofoil piece for every one.

How to price and order custom cabinet doors.

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