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Glue, Fillers, Caulking

Titebond brand woodworking glues for indoor & outdoor projects. Polyurethane liquid and Hi-PUR hotmelt system. Colored wood fillers and putty for finishing touches & repairs. Silicone and colored caulkings.

Wood Glues
Wood Glues (‏8)
Featuring the original Titebond line of glues most respected by woodworkers and cabinetmakers.

White & yellow wood glue inluding weatherproof & waterproof formulas. Dark glue for woods like walnut. Melamine glue for cabinet joints. MitreBond for mouldings.

Polyurethane Glues
Polyurethane glues are completely waterproof for outdoor & indoor projects.

Can be used to make outdoor projects, dishwasher safe bowls and excellent countertop seams. Available in a liquid and hot melt form both from Titebond.

Fillers, Touch-up, Repairs
Fillers for covering imperfections in wood projects, before or after finish has been applied. Repair systems for damage to laminate countertop or edges of melamine shelves.
Caulking (‏1)
Special colored caulking designed to match popular laminate colors, as well as high quality silicone and siliconized acrylic caulk.